Dizziness? Stress? Not again!

Guess what happens with guy in this picture? Seems he was dizzy. His head was dizzy because many thought. Many of the problems that happened. but unfortunately does not all problems can be solved. Looks like he confused to talk to whom. Is not that sometimes we experience?

Maybe when we are stressed, we want to find someone. It could be that he was a brother, friend, or our parents. But to be honest, usually there must be a lot of consideration. Feeling hesitant, uncomfortable, shame, afraid of secrets uncovered, the problem is too private, and many other reasons. As a result, sometimes we does not to confide. The solution if girls often spill all problems to diaries. While the guys go get together with her ​​friends, watching, and meals. The question is, whether the solution is obtained? Not yet. Then how to solve it? is there an alternative place we to share?

The good news, there is a new site on the internet that is responsive to it. A website can be a place to vent all our problems. He called uneg2.com. Uneg-uneg is Javanese. It means a kind of pent-up feelings. The site is expected to help people a lot. Could be a cool hangout place. Why did I say cool? Because i've never find this kind of media before. Uneg2.com become our diary  and the vent to helpful find a solution our problems. Hanging out in there also means learning to give advice to our friends problems.  So if one day our experiencing the same problem with them, our do not need to confused anymore.

When we entered into this site, we've a little better stress. This site welcomes with a cute smile picture of a cow. We also automatically smiling with the cow. Uneg2.com might want to help so that everyone can smile and free from the problems. Then we can see a few posts in the forum available. We can read all the contents while providing comments and advice from the other members. If we wanted to to confide, go to the "vent" which is visible.

Well, do not forget if already entered in uneg2.com, register yourself first. Uneg2.com registration is free and easy. You just follow the step by step begin the registration process to complete, then you will be able to immediately to confide. There are several categories that already provided. Among other categories of personal / family, work / career, romance, school / college, friends, and other categories. Wow, this means that if you harbored feelings for love, no family problems, confused, immediately wrote there. Vent all there. Cool, is'n it?

Uneg2.com other advantages is that we can interact with people through writing. Besides we are receive feedback from the other people, we are also able to share advice to our friends. When you have to confide, then a lot of friends who read it and give positive comments, and provide solutions for our problems. I mean is take and give

Anyway for all kinds confide "uneg-uneg" began to A-Z I guarantee uneg2.com really fit. On this site do not expect to know the identity of any friends who confide in. NO! can not. It means that our identity is 100% safe. Our identity safe and secure. Really sure? Sure. Because the credibility of this site no doubt. Uneg2.com site is part from the Cosa Aranda Network which has been recognized in the world of bloggers and cyberspace in Indonesia.

Well what are you waiting. Soon entered to uneg2.com. Prove yourself. The site is worth a visit every day and become an alternative media for reduce stress, as well as got the solution. Tired of browsing, tired of blogging, do not confide in to the swaying grass or vent to negative things. There is still a positive place that could helpful, that is uneg2.com. See you there ....



halah, mampir di blogmu aja udah bisa ngilangin stres koq, liat poto2 gendeng,,,


tumben gak post gambar gendeng, hehe..
eniwe, nice info bro! thx..


tadi kirain aku salah masuk blog..

Btw aku setuju dengan Mas Johanis, cukup masuk blog ini stress ku langsung hilang... yang tinggal cman gendeng hehehehee

Btw, award di blogku di ambil ya... 1 bonus 2 :)


wuhe,,,he,,,he, tumben postna kayak gini...btw, info menarik


biasanya ada gambar gendeng, he..he.. ini gambar orang pusing


Wew, tumben bro postingan'x nggak "Nyeleneh", hehehehe...
But, nice info... :)


postingan kali ini lain dr yg lain yaaa.....


tumben pake ginian...
min 500 kata ya?....

^^ CaCa ^^

postingan na beda :D hehehe..
Tapi nongkrong di sini juga uda ilank bro stress na :D hehehe

Nyante Aza Lae

mendingan pusing deh, daripada "gendeng"...kabuurrrr!


hahahaha tumben nih,ngk hal gila lg,lg sedikit waras ya mas hahahaha


serru tuh kayaknya unneg".com,desainya keren,tapi masih sepi yah kegiatannya...




tumben posting gitu om?


kayaknya blog ini lebih oke buat ngelepas stress deh... hehehe...

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